About Us

We at Lagerhaus Ansbach run a small, down-to-earth family business. The three of us make up a dynamic, compatible team — Gerhard Geyer and both of his sons, Alexander and Markus — that capably tackles most of the work encountered in the business.

At Lagerhaus Ansbach, you will never be regarded as a number! Rather personally and always acting in the customer´s best interest, we assist our customers in arranging the best solution for their individual logistics, storage and appointment needs.

At any given time during five days of the week, you will be welcomed at Lagerhaus Ansbach by one of Geyer family for compiling a suitable new agreement with you, extending existing contracts or answering any questions you may have.

Markus is a skilled carpenter; Gerhard and Alexander are masters of the same trade. The Geyer family also runs the Geyer GmbH carpentry establishment (street address “Äußeren Ansbacher Strasse 3”) located next door to the storage facility. Twenty employees work with them there, primarily active in the building of furniture. As the case may be, we find that our work between the carpentry and storage facility businesses link time and again; an opportune service which we hope will also be well accepted by you as our valued customer.

We are pleased about each and every new customer who visits us and to whom we may show our various storage solutions. You are warmly invited to come by any time and see for yourself what we have to offer!

Gerhard Geyer

Master Carpenter

Alexander Geyer

Master Carpenter

Markus Geyer